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Superlative and delicious
A perfect blending of great guitar work - but also with Tyrone Brown on bass - somewhere out in that special space of perfection only a few recordings can achieve. Tyrone is a lodestar musician and in any group can be heard clearly. A positively beautiful album.

                               El Fraser, reviewer on CD Baby

"Loveeeeeee the tunes. The CD was really melodious. And the cover is funky. It made my day !!! I must admit, the more I listen to it the more it grows on me. Its like being in a gathering of old friends, there is no need to overdo it to impress, but there is a feeling of belonging and comfort, and that feeling of peace. I guess much like your three men on the boat, on a calm, breezy summer's day"

                               AmanPreet Badhwar, scientist

" ... it's a gas. Nice, comfortable, float-able stuff."

                               Allan Tucker, sound mastering engineer

"... very nice cd. it is so relaxing to hear. just music without any efforts played. unpretentious. i like it a lot and had great fun listening to it."

                               Lüül ( Lutz Ulbrich ), German alternative rock star and author

"... Great sound. Really smooth."

                               Jan Aerts, scientist

"I really must note that I have not stopped listening to Three Men In a Boat as it gets a full play every day ..."

                               Adam Axel, guitar designer

" Summertime is maybe my favorite song of all time, and I love the version you've done. I really enjoyed it; your guitar playing is very pure."

                               Joy Kreves, artist

" 'It don't mean a thing unless it got that swing' and this tilts you into that rockin share and doesn't shake but slowly penetrates, and gets better after that."

                               Wotan of Valhalla

"Just been sampling 3 men in a Boat--some real sweet unfussy pickin' there--nice 'n easy, yes. Bravo."

                               Eamon Grennan, poet

"I have been listening to your CD. It's very clean and cool. Yours and David's work sounds great and blends well - but it needs violin."

                               Michael Salsburg, violinist

"I enjoyed seeing the 'Three Men in a Boat' site and loved hearing where your artistic beginnings have gone. You have evolved into a masterful musician and guitarist. The music is sublime and I downloaded it from my iTunes account.... quite a bargain at $10.00. Your choice of material is very tasteful and the sound blends together in a whimsical and uplifting way. Something I wonder is if you have ever thought of adding a Stephan Grappelli style of violin to your sound. As I listen to your CD, I keep hearing invisible Grapelli riffs drifting in my 'minds ear'... just a thought."
"Jim !! Luv ur site and the new album, it's GREAT, I love how it sounds."

                               Jim and Frank Paxton, of The Paxton Brothers

"Lots of good stuff on there! Congratulations! Aloha ..."

                               John Keawe, Grammy winning slack key guitarist

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